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Commissioning Management

The act of commissioning ensures operational stability and inherent quality of design:

  • Independent 3rd Party Commissioning Management is a most effective way of commissioning any project throughout it’s life cycle
  • To bridge the gap between DESIGN – CONSTRUCTION – OPERATIONS & also helps in maintaining quality.
  • Systems are installed & commissioned correctly
  • Operational Confidence
  • Baseline to Compare Future Performance

FUNDAMENTAL COMMISSIONING is an prerequisite in LEED rating system  which mandates to have 3rd party commissioning agency on board. We also offer ENHANCED COMMISSIONING solution for projects which aspire to achieve this credit  as part of credit requirement under USGBC.

Why your building need commissioned?

It is commonly known that commissioning shortcuts occur on many many jobs and can cause up to 20% higher energy bills than if a building is properly commissioned. Some things we’ve seen which make a huge difference:

  1. Owner not advising the design team and/or contractor properly about occupancy levels in various parts of the building
  2. Owner not advising the design team and/or contractor properly about special requirements, for instance areas that won’t be used often or need a different temperature setting etc.
  3. Often due to poor briefing, the design team not understanding actual operational requirements and not designing the building to match those requirements
  4. Contractor not commissioning the equipment properly
  5. Contractor missing out some commissioning (we’ve seen BMS system that wasn’t commissioned at all and so remained unused in the building and another where there was no training so employees were using only a tiny part of its capacity with result of really wasteful energy use)
  6. Meters and monitors not set up properly or according to design (especially because meters and monitors are very new in Vietnam and not often used – they are very important for sustainable operations)
  7. Improper handover to building managers – this is absolutely the most common error after items 1 and 2